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Events is one of Zikora’s 6 creative branches. It is directed by multidisciplinary creative Nneka Mogbo.
We produce inspiring gatherings that bring together thought leaders, artists, art enthusiasts, researchers, storytellers, community leaders, students, scientists, innovators, groundbreaking professionals and activists to explore and appreciate cultures and arts from Africa and to share ideas for how to make a positive impact in Africa.
Our events are highly curated, immersive spaces that are Intimate, Informal and Inspiring

We call our events circles

Our circles are breeding grounds of revolutionary thought.
One-of-a-kind gatherings inspired by Ted Talks, spoken word poetry slams, Sofar Sounds, 1960s jazz clubs and the evening storytelling rituals that still happen under trees in communities across Africa, kept alive by elders determined to pass their wisdom to children.   

We had our official launch circle in June in Abuja, Nigeria. Take a look at the photos and watch this video clip. 

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