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“The global information order continues to "mis‐order" the representations of our
continent such that its sustaining images in Europe especially are many
decades out of step with reality. The visions of Africa that sustains in
many minds of non‐African audiences is one promoted by National
Geographic ‐ a jungle reeking of great dangers and lacking civilization. 

It is a narrative preferred and carefully nurtured by global news organizations and it has permanently marred the name of the continent with wars, disease, poverty and instability. Yet the truth of the African experience today is different. It is by no
means perfect but there is emerging a new order, identifying new voices and new leaders, propagating new values of creativity, enterprise, transparency, fair competition, social justice and economic empowerment.

It is a revolution of significance that should bring optimism and pride about Africa's future. The question is who has been telling the story of Africa and its realities and from what perspective? Everything in the world today is about representation. Everything ‐ from the economy to technology to politics, government and globalization. Every nation, every continent, every race finds its space for expression and inclusion by the quality of their representation. Images are important and political. 

Africa has for far too long needed better representation in the arena of global brand positioning‐ through our creative industries, our films and our stories. 

Cinema especially is a powerful tool that the so‐called first world have used to shape perception and position their countries and continent as the civilization and culture to be preferred….Africa's incapacity and or neglect to consciously stake a brand narrative for itself has been its biggest mistake. The colonial narrative of the African experience has retained for many decades Unchallenged. And then came Nollywood.” 

Femi Odugbemi, Nigerian Filmmaker

Nigerian filmmaker, Femi Odugbemi poignantly captures Zikora’s stance towards the power of the moving image. Film & TV is one of Zikora’s 6 creative branches. It is directed by veteran filmmaker and TV producer, Parminder Vir OBE. 
Looking For Boko Haram is Zikora’s first film project. The 90-minute documentary feature is currently in production. Zikora is the co-producer alongside BackUp Media. The film is being directed by Zikora’s founder and executive director, Chika Oduah and executive produced by Parminder Vir OBE.

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